Honda Vario Modification ATV


Didin a academician at the Islamic University 45, Bekasi modification aswell allegedly hooked. Honda Vario his appeal was reorganized by Deden Darmawan, architect of Custom JK, Sumedang, West Java.

Views baseball's physique there is an extreme, even still looks standard. Interestingly, it has afflicted skubeknya no best on two auto but had become four. "In fact, has just three auto MODIF finished, uh al of a sudden appeared afresh a anniversary after Didin took four rims Avanza (Toyota)," said Deden.

When afterward the CS-1 conteztmodif Honda Caster Slalom Two years ago, is still three-wheel motor Didin. According Deden, the accession of a caster again, beneath the framework of accountable re-use 4x4 cm metal box with a array of 3 cm. While the framework of the aboriginal Vario abide angry anon beneath the anatomy dengnan beating down system. To accomplish it easier if traveling aback to default.

For the additional foreground wheel, the apparatus is to imitate a car that uses wings and continued tie-rod dsari Suzuki ST20 (car) to about-face the caster to the larboard or right. For the suspension, said Deden accept an absolute system

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