Yamaha Mio Shafira Project


Own plan in accordance with the amusement would be a dream for abounding people. Can do something about his admired and can get close achievement at the aforementioned time acquire (money) or even an acknowledgment of the assorted parties for the plan he was accomplishing of advance is a aggregate that is ideal.

This is accomplished by Gerrie Nur Mayurie, accommodation Geba Leisure Parts barn modifications based on Jl. Stone fruits No.32, Bandung. Experience as able-bodied as adapt and enhance your amusement in the motor appearance has fabricated it a able modifier. Assorted modifications accept been produces plots generally accustomed acknowledgment from assorted quarters.
For archetype a contempo activity he had just finished. "These motors accept called Fahmi Anshori, so he's entrepreneurs in Malang, East Java. Until now I had never met him directly. Though all three of these accept in the custom motorcycle in my barn lho, hehe, "says Gerrie. Yamaha Motor, who is originally fabricated in 2007 Mio Sporty was ushered into the branch Geba in accepted conditions. Coordination for the abstraction and architecture of the affectation are fabricated via blast and email. "I was asked to Fahmi, how he wants, from the benumbed position until the added details. Afterwards that I gambarin deh afterwards after the apparatus of the motor so, accumulate the pictures I forward via email "Gerrie review. "There's a few times a afterlight of the architecture that we koordinasiin. Afterwards aggregate is accept and has been approved, we kerjain project, "he added.

For the diplomacy of the legs, Gerrie applying five-inch admixture auto with advanced foreground and 6 inch for the rear. "Masangnya not ribet kok. The foreground triangle of his shock at the custom, kept his bottom-pake (shock) Posh. Pake rear (shock) YSS Classic, "said Gerrie about the accession of auto and abeyance on this bike. Regarding the blush of his wheels, he explained, "it in the chrome caster first, again corrective bonbon red tone. Anodized become memorable. "

Standard larboard engine parts, application alone open-water filters, engine cooling fan covers customizing and applying cast aftermarket bankrupt Koso.

For finishing, all emblems replaced with a custom adumbration that reads Shafira Matic. Shafira own name was taken from a admired adolescent Fahmi who is still sitting on the bank SD!

Well, as mentioned earlier, if the plan in accordance with the hobby, the achievement will absolutely be no maximum. Since a lot of of the plan is done with all my heart. Examples of this Matic Shafira modification project. Nice work!

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