Honda PCX Machine
Honda PCX Machine:

* Operate with soft, smooth and not noisy.
* With a lightweight, compact SOHC configuration, powerful, quick acceleration.
* It also integrates liquid cooling system (liquid cooling system) with a radiator built into the machine for compact size and light weight.
* Has engine features Honda PGM-FI fuel injection system that ensures smooth, smooth power delivery through V-belt transmission, while also reducing emissions and fuel consumption.
* Honda PCX an impressive 46 miles per gallon with Idle Stop, which means giving a chance trip to the pump even though the distance is a bit far to fill the tank of 6.2 liters.
* Engine Fuel efficiency is supported by the addition of innovative Idle Stop Switch, a first for Honda. When Idle Stop function is activated, the machine will automatically stop running after 3 seconds of idle. Then re-started when the grip is twisted gas. Idle Stop mode is activated or deactivated via a convenient button on the right handlebar, and increase fuel efficiency another 5%.
* Player of gas at the Honda PCX completely computerized / electronic controls, unlike the carburetor motorcycle / scooter in which wrist movement really opened something mechanical in the carburetor. For Honda PCX completely computer controlled, not by opening or closing mechanics when you open the throttle / gas, an electronic sensor that records the position of the throttle and the signal the ECU, the ECU controls the fuel injection and Alternative-Current Cell-motor starter that is strong enough to start the engine before you can see it's actually - it is very difficult to hear that the machine is restarted because of exceptional starter motor with no sound.

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