Honda Revo AT.

PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) launched a duck motorcycle uutomatic technology with continuous variable (CV matic), namely Honda AT Revo.

Honda Revo AT duck this is the first motorcycle in Indonesia, CV-matic to apply the technology in the engine with a capacity of 110 cc. This unique bike has also adopted a dual cooling system, which uses the engine room with the same oil as a motorcycle engine in general.

This dual-engine system is effective to reduce the heat in the engine so the engine temperature will remain stable, especially during traffic jams and travel long distances because of the position for the cooling air holes facing upwards.

In addition, these motors also have the advantage of fuel injection technology with third-generation systems that have been added to the O2 sensor and catalytic converter. This system makes the engine work more optimal and durable addition to saving fuel and exhaust gas emissions in accordance with the Euro 2 standard.

In terms of design, Honda Revo AT glance appear to resemble a duck motorcycles in general. "We created a combination of motorcycles and motorcycle automatic duck with consideration to market challenge for users who want to feel the practicality of automatic motors, but with a motorcycle engine such as ducks," said Yusuke Hori, President Director of PT AHM.

Indonesia, according to him, the market is a very intelligent and open to new things, every new breakthrough from Honda are always answered with the high demand, one of which is a Honda Scoopy with the concept of retro-matic.

Honda Revo AT AHM market with one type of cast wheel (CW) and three color choices of black techno, techno violet, red and techno with a price of USD 15.8 million (on the road DKI Jakarta)

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