Kymco Benson

kymco After a vacuum during the nearly two years, on March 21, 2010 Kymco stepped foot back into the national motor stage. Today Kymco Benson was born with a new name with PT. Power Mobility Benson as the sole holder of the brand (ATPM).

Benson birth marked by the launch of 2 (two) Like a new product that is undeniably retro and a sporty Super 8. >And without forgetting their origins, the two new products that were imported from Taiwan are displayed Kymco logo.
Bali to location inception Benson, considering the island is the largest market for this Kymco. Sales of 500 units per month and Raihan 3% share of motorcycle market in the middle of Bali, a sales target of Benson.This figure is targeted achieved gradually after passing the initial sales phase until the close of this year 2010.

Benson is expected to meet the needs of consumers who had no previous Kymco especially in terms of after sales service. As we know, many consumers are complaining Kymco motorcycle spare part availability is very limited. Not to mention because of the limited amount the price soar 20 to 100 percent.

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