* Honda's new CV-Matic, Honda PCX also Honda's first scooter which comes with Honda's new CV-Matic, a reliable design is the V-belt transmission, which offers the ease of transmission without any unnecessary energy loss.
* Electric Starter, In addition, the PCX will be the world's first 125 cc model which will be equipped with cell incorporating ACG starter motor and an alternating current generator and help achieve a compact machine size and a significant reduction in noise when the engine-strater. Honda PCX equipped with electric starter, the latest being redesigned system PGM-FI (fuel injection) will support the PCX 125i in all weather, humidity and temperature, although no kick starter, just in case you forgot to turn off the lights so that your battery is worn out. Like most Honda, PCX equipped with a key slot cover for better protection against theft.
* Start-Stop System, the "idling stop systemi," which automatically stops the engine when the motor stopped temporarily, was adopted to improve fuel efficiency (except for the American model.) Moreover, PCX accordance with Emission Standards, in addition to current emission standards exhaust gas in Japan, Europe and the United States with Honda (PGM-FI) and the catalyst (catalyst) is installed in the exhaust.
* CBS (Combined Brake System), all models will be equipped with PCX CBS (Combined Brake System to the front wheels and rear) that helps achieve stable braking performance. The communication system decides the standby hydraulic binder with 3 piston brake system structure of the new PCX. Companies can buy a hydraulic brake system. Which comes with a 3 cylinder. Used for the first time in Thailand. may be similar to European safety standards.
* Anti-Theft Alarm System, Anti-Theft Alarm System with remote control alarm system. Built on the new standard anti-theft system integrated with a motorcycle. Sending voice and alarm system immediately. When the vehicle is moving or vibration.
* Dark-colored scooter windshield gives a modern image and provide wind protection for riders. Integrating a sleek contour perfect front.
* Dual lamp design, slim, slanting upward-indicator, giving the front looks exclusive.
* High-tech instrument panel, speedometer needle that has a dial on the machine, the cockpit is also equipped with innovative indicator switches to Idle Stop the engine, fuel indicator and practical easy to read, add vehicles to feel modern.
* Combining the low seat height and length, breadth footrest creates a safe and relaxed, complete the trip felt that the performance is smooth. Comfortable seat back incorporates support for the rider and pillion area are generous.
* Baggage Under the seat, a lockable storage compartment can hold full-face helmet with room to spare.
* Comfortable glove box provided on the front. If more of the required storage space, rear carrier can also take an optional 26-liter top box.

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