Energy Suzuki Skydrive More Fiercely of Spin

Suzuki SkydriveAkhir this March, PT Indomobil Suzuki Motor (SIM) as the two-wheeled Suzuki car manufacturers in Indonesia will be to launch her new skubek, Suzuki SkyDrive Dynamatic 125.
Incidentally before it was introduced, a team of Motor Plus get a chance to test.

What kind of performance, see below.

Maximum lap top
Based on experience, accelerated Suzuki Skywave 125 Spin 125 and no doubt. Although to achieve power on, Spin a little hard work is so fast compared Skywave melesatnya.

In the meantime, SkyDrive who have similar dimensions Spin, not as a matter of Spin. Because, the newcomers who also carry the 124 cc engine has been supported better components. Fierce acceleration and no power shortage in the lap top when done riding impression in the manufacturer Suzuki, Cakung.
Suzuki Matic

Kala-skid invited hysterical, agility baseball much different from the Spin. So also when maneuvering around the corner parabola, no symptoms of dizziness. Character one is more similar to that sustained Skywave two shock in the rear. Besides being more stable in corners, under acceleration and top feels solid.
Varian Suzuki SkyDrive

Another advantage that baseball belongs in SkyDrive Spin is a brake. Especially the back, feels more grip. When coupled with the front brake, this skubek stop at the desired point.

To find out more detailed figure of Suzuki SkyDrive, you can see after launching. Including performance.

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