Yamaha MIO Ferrari red color

Modified Yamaha Mio 125 based in Thailand not only dilakoni number of manufacturers and dealers, a modifier to the racing team are also many creative performances in the arena of Bangkok Motorshow 2010 last. One of them besutan Anyar CUD Racing Motorsport team.


Yamaha MIO Ferrari red color

Merged with the Ferrari red color, the touch layer paper laminate is installed in some parts of the body. Like aseso speedometer cover, wing box, the middle shell lights and front chest kevlar carbon dimotif. More and reinforce the theme of racing, the rear tail dikepras half of the underside so that seemed pointed. Pembenahannya taillights moved in sepatbor diral aluminum and lower body until the show closed fiber compact and neat.
Down side is not half-hearted large installed product variations Hotwheel rim width 5 inch circumference wheel crammed into the second. Uniquely mounted front side of the rubber tires Bridgestone tire profile box car special ordered and not used on public roads, while rear width to 140/60/14. Special design in the form of a rim is fitted with a double crossbar rim groove of this car, more solid rear caliper bracket accessories which also functioned as the standard model is formed behind a painted red tubular pipes reinforce the concept of sporty concept.

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