Honda CV-Matic

125cc maxi-scooter that reduce fuel consumption (fuel saver) first produced in Thailand, PCX 125i is equipped with the latest Honda CV-Matic (V-belt variable transmission) and Honda PCX 125i is a hybrid motor (acceleration from 0km / h activated by electrical motor), which saves fuel. PCX overall look of the Honda scooter has a smart, luxurious look and one of the larger scooters Honda. Price not known with certainty, but several people who said there would be much the price of Honda Blade. Honda New PCX created for riders who want a compact, economical, the advantages of this 125cc scooter is a modern, fashionable looks like a motorized matic big. In every aspect, from the low noise, low emission operation for easy handling and contemporary images, PCX Honda motor is designed as a practical, fast and fun ride, many say that this matic will be coming soon in Indonesia, let's wait what the name big for this bike here, whether to stay with the name of PCX or the other.

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