New Honda Revo Matic Wave 110i
New Honda Revo Matic Wave 110i
AT Wave110i Honda started selling in Thailand is often cited as the Revo Matic to market in Indonesia, the new Cub-type automatic transmission (AT) model matic scooter, it is recognized for its fuel efficiency, Honda Wave110i AT automatic transmission featured the latest so-called CV -Matic. Prices start at around 44,900 Thai baht, or about Rp. 13 million, with annual sales of 50,000 units planned in Thailand.

CV-Matic makes Honda AT Wave110i as a product that offers a typical Cub motorcycle type, durability and superior performance, as well as other additional features such as ease of operation and driving comfort. Besides in Thailand, Honda has a plan for the introduction of Honda Wave110i AT sequence in Vietnam and neighboring countries may include Indonesia to meet the diversified needs of customers in the ASEAN market.
Features a new cooling system CV-Matic that solves the heat load on the drive belt, and was developed based on a small motorcycle automatic transmission technology, Honda has developed over the years. This new system improves the resistance of the drive belt and allows for a more compact design with a shorter distance between the drive and pulley-driven pulley. Because of these advances, the position of the machine does not need to be changed significantly, the freedom to optimize the design and layout.
With the introduction of AT Wave110i Honda, Honda will further enhance the diversification of product lines to meet customer needs. Moreover, Honda plans to install Honda's programmed fuel injection system (PGM-FI) for all models.

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